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Diet is a slim-line panel system that adheres to the timeless adage of "less is more." Easy to comprehend and easy to specify, diet is a stand-alone product that can be integrated with other global contract products. A universal hinge connector independent of height and panel configuration allows for more flexibility. Fewer components with a minimum of add-on and dedicated/handed parts, allow you more time to create and less time specifying. Diet provides more install and reconfiguration flexibility in less time than ever. Diet offers you all this and much more, for less.

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Panel Based

Boulevard Price List

25.78 MB


Panel Based

Diet +

1.14 MB



Panel Based

Diet Installation Manual

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Panel Based

Diet-Boulevard Installation Manual

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Features & Details

Diet 3-Way Flexible

Diet 3-Way 120-Degree

Diet T Even Height

Diet T Uneven Height

Diet Connections at 42, 54, 66 inches high

Bottom Cable Managers

Panel Mounted Power Bar

Cable Snake

Diet Base Raceway

Power and Data Distribution

Diet Fabric Panels

Diet Fabric 1/2 Glazed Panels

Diet Panels

Diet Fabric / Open Bottom Panel with optional Cab

Diet Panel On Casters

Glass Over Panel

Easy-up Overhead Storage

Worksurface Support Pedestal

Mobile Pedestal with Cushion

Off Module Shelf