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Evolve offers everything you want in an office furniture system. As your business grows, Evolve grows with you and adapts to changes within the workplace. Evolve's simplicity and flexibility help to keep your long-term costs low. Evolve is furniture you can afford to complete your office environment.




Executive Office

Evolve’s stack on modules and doors allow you to build private offices that maintain privacy.





Management Office

Stack on modules increase or vary panel height. Curvilinear work surfaces put you in the center of control within your workstation.





Reception stations can be warm and inviting or crisp and efficient with interaction to visitors or uninterrupted processing tasks.






Transaction tops maximize productivity, the half-radius worksurface provides the ability to meet at the workstation.




Open Office

Curvilinear worksurfaces are ergonomically designed to support workflow patterns. Adjustable keyboards are available for intensive computer appplications.

A pivoting or free-standing teardrop extension table provides a unique and space saving teaming function at any workstation.





Whether workers are transient or workstations must be flexible from one individual to another or from one task to another, Evolve can provide the essentials to each individual's requirements.




Call Centre

Curvilinear work surfaces provide functionality and variation while accommodating the task intensive worker.





Boardroom/Meeting Rooms

Evolve's acoustical infill provides sound attenuation and can be used as a pin-up surface. Panels can be specified with different fabrics and colours on the opposite side of the panel.





An Environmental Success Story

Wherever possible, the entire Evolve system and the processes to
manufacture it were designed to save and protect the environment.

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An Environmental
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